CYCLEffect targets early and growth stage seed investment opportunities in initiatives that are positioned to catalyze the shift into a circular and regenerative economy.


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Evolver is a platform for content, learning, and commerce serving a global community
of conscious consumers seeking optimal states of well being in mind, body, and spirit.
They serve as a trust-agent for individuals and groups seeking to connect in this transformative culture, one of wisdom, beauty, and fun. Their retail location Alchemist's Kitchen in lower Manhattan and online is a botanical dispensary dedicated to the power the of plant-based botanical remedies for health including their own line of CBD products.

Evrnu is a social purpose corporation that specializes in the molecular regeneration of garment waste by converting it into a high quality resource applicable for apparel, home and industrial end use applications. They are currently preparing to launch commercial pilots with prominent brands and retailers.

Impact Bioenergy’s distributed bioenergy solutions reduce energy & disposal costs by generating energy from adjacent organic waste streams. Their prefabricated bioenergy units are uniquely engineered and sized to allow organizations and communities to practice onsite bioenergy food waste diversion, thus substantially reducing multiple costs and generating a faster ROI than wind or solar.

Neurohacker Collective was founded in 2015 with the mission of creating best in class well-being products by employing a unique methodology to R&D based on complex systems science. This scientific approach focuses on supporting the body’s ability to self-regulate, rather than overriding regulatory systems with chemicals designed to move a biomarker in a particular direction. The company began with a focus on psycho-affective products with the launch of their Qualia nootropic line.

The Radiant Store is a diversified company specializing in renewable power. We provide businesses and homeowners with cost-efficient, carbon-neutral solutions for their energy needs. We are dedicated to providing alternative energy through sustainable building practices and to preserving our planet and resources for future generations.

An international regenerative design consultancy bringing solutions that regenerate soil, increase biodiversity, and boost business. TGI help’s rethink the business of agriculture in our changing world. Grow impact. Build brand. Increase customer loyalty and build resiliency. In 2018, TGI incubated a cryptocurrency, Regen Network, to contribute to a local, regional and global carbon drawdown economy.

Sunstrand works with a variety of feedstocks including bamboo, hemp, kenaf, flax and jute. Sunstrand utilizes a team consisting of Mechanical Engineers, Chemical Engineers, Mechanical Engineering Technologists, Material Scientists and Technicians. The team has highly specialized composites design, manufacturing and testing experience. They come from broad industries such as wind energy, paper, snow sports, biomass, automotive, academia and aerospace. Currently expanding facilities to SC and NY State.

A partner in Agroforestry financing, Propagate works with farmers and land managers to design and install tree-crop systems that work in tandem with existing farm operations. The fruit, nut, and timber tree-systems complement both row crop and grazing operations. Adding trees and shrubs generates economic returns, builds soil health and sequesters carbon. Propagate aims to provide financing mechanisms and the partnerships needed to meet short and long-term goals of partner farmers.

Humanity is a cannabis centered brand that focuses on new research and creating empowering options for people in need. They develops entirely new categories of wellness products designed to have smaller doses of THC and work more effectively. Product development includes: Anxiety relief, pain relief, and sleep via a complex formulation through exclusive partner Neurohacker Collective.

Organic clothing handmade with ethical, sustainable, fair trade & eco friendly practices. All Indigenous apparel and accessories are made of only all natural fibers, including organic cotton, organic alpaca, marino wool, silk, and other fibers created by nature.  Indigenous is committed to fair trade partnerships with culturally diverse artisans. Indigenous is proud of its independently certified record of developing apparel manufacturing partnerships that elevate knitting and hand looming artisan cooperatives located in some of the poorest regions of South America.

Fibershed develops regional and regenerative fiber systems on behalf of independent working producers, by expanding opportunities to implement carbon farming, forming catalytic foundations to rebuild regional manufacturing, and through connecting end-users to farms and ranches through public education.