CYCLEffect Regenerative Ventures is a hybrid Venture Capital Cooperative Firm investing in the Circular and Regenerative Economy

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We are based in Boulder, CO
and New York City, NY


The circular and regenerative economy is a viable system which preserves and replenishes natural capital by optimizing the capture, reuse, and recycling of resources, and restoring the planet's biological and social systems to a healthy and balanced state


CYCLEffect is a Multi-Stakeholder Cooperative


 Resource Flow and The
The Cooperative Model

Via aggregation of member resources, CYCLEffect
supports members and investees by


Offering services by leveraging member resources to fill gaps and provide strategic planning, market development, communications and scaling strategies.


Hosting events and serving as a platform for shared learning. 


Developing a linked peer to peer relationships throughout the value chain, offering aligned initiatives membership into the cooperative to generate a vested interest in the collective whole.


Raising, managing and deploying investment capital.