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One member, One vote, One unit of ownership.  


CYCLEffect is the administrative manager of the flagship investment fund - Regenerative Ventures Holdings. Members of CYCLEffect receive a share in the returns of the fund based on patronage contributed to the cooperative. Patronage follow’s the framework of Regenerative Enterprise’s (by Ethan Roland and Gregory Landua) 8 forms of capital for the kind’s of patronage we track.

Patronage is earned by contributing capital resources to the co-op or utilizing services provide by the co-op. Capital resources extend beyond traditional financial capital investments to include human and intellectual capital. We breed multiple forms of capital, such as social and cultural capital within our organization and promote spillovers into member organizations.

There are three classes of patron members: operational, industry and limited industry members. Each class contributes either human, intellectual or financial capital to patronize the cooperative. Patronage is also earned by utilizing services provided by the cooperative. 

Operational (Worker) Member:

  • Engaged as an employee or consultant for the cooperative for at least 6 month prior to being eligible for membership.

  • Patronizes the cooperative through leading/participating in the day-to-day operations and evolution of the cooperative.

  • Class A Voting member unit $20,000 - can be paid in cash or via sweat equity or an approved allocation of a portion of salary/consulting fees towards stock purchase.   Dividends allocated shall first pay any outstanding balance of stock purchase prior to being distributed to member.  

Industry Member:

  • Individual, organization or non-profit recognized by the cooperative to having a specific value to contribute to building the circular asset (circular ecosystem) through their role in the value chain, or in an opportunity to leverage the intellectual capital they possess such as relevant know-how, networks, expertise, or tools into portfolio companies and affiliates.  

  • Class B Voting member unit $20,000 - paid in full upon confirmation of membership; 

  • Patronizes the cooperative by using services offered by the cooperative or contributing know-how, expertise, network connections, tools and R&D to other cooperative members, portfolio companies and affiliates.

Limited Industry Members

  • Individual or organization aligned with mission and purpose of the cooperative, interested in contributing to the development and evolution of the cooperative in an advisory role.

  • Class C Voting member unit $50,000 - paid in full upon confirmation of membership.

  • Patronizes the cooperative by utilizing services offered by the cooperative or advising officers of the cooperative.


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